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Innovative horizons for sustainable developments.

“We transform your scrap material into raw materials using sunlight”

The circular economy at the service of the luxury, medical and aeronautics industries.

In keeping with its responsible attitude, our company, a pioneer in the processing of 100% recycled and recyclable raw materials, has just commissioned its first two solar furnaces at La chaux de Fonds.

To meet the needs of a clientele that is increasingly concerned to offer eco-responsible products, PANATERE, renowned in microtechnology, is banking on a sustainable solution. Our 100% recycled and recyclable stainless steel production combines short circuit with the circular economy, with no half-measures.

“Imagine a factory that swallows your waste with no rejects, with no energy, with no water and in an urban environment”.

Since 2017, PANATERE teams have been working to develop a disruptive “solar” metal manufacturing process. Beginning with the collection of production offcuts from local industries, these are melted in solar-concentration furnaces. They are then worked to meet your most exacting specifications.

Our solar recycling models optimize your raw material supplies, while drastically reducing the carbon footprint by 165 times. What’s more, our grade-based sorting system guarantees perfect traceability of your production off-cuts.


“We have validated this new law (European Critical Raw Materials Act 2024) so that Europe can decouple its economic growth from the use of resources and thus promote circular production systems.”

Ursula Von Der Leyen

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