Create your alloy

We offer you the opportunity to optimize the second life of all or part of your production offcuts.

With pre-defined performance requirements, we work with you to create a unique product that optimizes your available quantities.

Multi-type recycling

  • Together, we assess your production scrap quantities by grade.
  • We define an ideal mix to achieve assembly performance.
  • We define the objectives of a pilot casting.
  • We test the resulting material with you for validation.
  • We duplicate the model on your average quantities.
  • We set up a model recycling point on your premises.
  • We install the containers free of charge.
  • We train your staff to sort by grade.
  • We replace full skips with empty ones.
  • We transport your waste to our solar furnace in La Chaux de Fonds.
  • We group and secure the collection of your grades.
  • We bring your production offcuts back to life, according to your required formats.
  • We certify laboratory quality to your specifications.
  • We deliver your bar and profile stock with the required certificates.