Source: rapport OCDE 2.3 planets
Source: rapport OCDE 2.3 planets

Solar Metal Processing Center

Le SMPC : a carbon footprint divided by 165

The dual transition to energy and digital technology is creating new demands for metals.

It would take a surface area of 2.3 Earths to provide the raw materials the world needs.

In fact, each person consumes 34kg of minerals a day, and needs will increase to 45kg by 2040. This represents an additional 32 billion tonnes of minerals to be extracted every year.

To minimize raw material and energy supply risks, we have created an industrial and academic consortium to build a self-sufficient, locavore model.

Imagine a factory made from waste, using your waste so you don’t need it:

  1. Third-party energy.
  2. Raw materials.
  3. Connection to industrial networks.
  4. Chimney.