Team presentation

Presentation of Panatere

A ‘panatère’, in the regional dialect, is a wicker basket used by farmers to gather their crops and place the precious produce inside. In the same spirit, PANATERE recovers waste from the production of industrial components, giving them a second, equally valuable life.

PANATERE has been based in Saignelégier, Switzerland, since 2012. Its meticulous process recovers and transforms raw material offcuts into 100% recyclable eco-components.

Committed to the “Circular Economy Switzerland”, PANATERE combines short-circuit production with a circular economy to offer a solution that is both responsible and sustainable. To perpetuate a vision of a cleaner tomorrow, the company relies on the duplication of regional industrial solar furnaces to generate energy production with a near-zero carbon footprint.


“PANATERE is able to make sustainable development and the circular economy accessible to watch making and jewelry brands.”

Georges C.

PANATERE‘s know-how is complemented by industrialization expertise and technical skills in tune with constantly evolving markets.

Sustainable, positive and altruistic economics combined with innovation with no half-measures defines our corporate culture.

PANATERE devotes a large proportion of its resources to the research and development of new materials. These socially responsible investments enable the development of new “material” performances. They are intended to be both economical and environmentally friendly, combining short circuits and a circular economy.

These social and environmental objectives would be meaningless without putting people at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we’re developing an inclusive market economy in partnership with a number of institutions that enable people who are hindered in their daily lives to get their feet back on the ground. In this way, we have created dozens of jobs through dedicated mandates.